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Fujairah – United Arab Emirates

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Blazon Hotels, a global hotel and resort management company, is a subsidiary of Smart Hospitality Solutions (SHS) with its origins in Fujairah. With a team of seasoned hoteliers boasting over 40 years of experience, Blazon Hotels approached us for end-to-end brand identity development, from strategy to visual execution.

What we did

Brand Strategy / Tone of Voice / Brand Identity / Brand Guidelines

The project

The Brandteliers team embarked on an extensive research phase, starting with a deep dive into the world of soft branding in the hotel management industry. They conducted client interviews and workshops to gain insights and perspectives to inform their approach. Building on the approved brand positioning of "Enriching Experiences," the team proposed an elegant brand identity that embodied both premium quality and a personal touch. This new brand was then applied consistently across key touchpoints, with a comprehensive Brand Guideline created to ensure consistency across all regional and global outlets. The result was a strong and memorable brand identity that communicated Blazon Hotels' commitment to providing enriching experiences for guests around the world.

The Results
After the successful launch of the new brand identity, Blazon Hotels began managing several hotels across various locations. In the UAE, the brand managed hotels in Dubai and Ajman, offering premium services and enriching experiences to guests. The brand's success in the UAE paved the way for expansion beyond the region. Blazon Hotels has expanded its global footprint to Europe, Asia, and Africa, where it continues to manage hotels and resorts while delivering exceptional services to guests. The brand's growth and success are a testament to the effectiveness of the branding strategy developed by Brandteliers, which helped to create a distinct and elegant brand identity that resonated with its target audience.

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