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Kinshasa – DR Congo

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With 237 rooms and suites, the hotel formerly known as Kempinski Hotel Fleuve Congo is strategically located in Kinshasa's business and embassy district, offering a unique setting for travellers. During the defragmentation of the property and the departure of the Kempinski brand umbrella, our client approached Brandteliers for assistance. Their aim was to create a new brand that would retain the hotel's heritage and trust while establishing a strong and independent identity. The majority of the hotel rooms provide stunning views of the river, making it an ideal destination for both business and leisure travellers. Through Brandteliers' branding strategies, the new brand aimed to communicate its unique positioning, commitment to exceptional service, and memorable guest experiences to enhance its reputation as a top luxury hotel in Kinshasa.

What we did

Brand Strategy / Tone of Voice / Hotel Collaterals Roll-Out / Brand Identity / Brand Guidelines

The project

Maintaining the established trust that guests had with the hotel was of utmost importance to our client. The new brand had to reflect the hotel's commitment to quality, reliability, and exceptional 5-star hospitality service. To achieve this goal, we conducted an in-depth audit and research phase to identify the hotel's strengths and unique selling points. Based on this analysis, we proposed a new brand identity that would connect the hotel to its roots while setting a strong direction for its future. Our team developed a compelling story that served as the foundation for the new Look & Feel proposed. This brand identity was consistently applied across all hotel collaterals, creating a cohesive and memorable guest experience. To ensure the quality and consistency of the new brand, Brandteliers oversaw the print and production of all marketing and BTL collaterals. With this approach, our client was able to successfully introduce a new brand identity that resonated with their guests and reinforced the hotel's commitment to exceptional service.

The Results
The successful launch of the hotel's new brand identity resulted in a smooth and timely transition from Kempinski to an independent brand, with no loss in reservations. The hotel's modern meeting facilities, stylish restaurants and bars, and dedicated team continue to provide the highest level of service in the Congo. As a result, the hotel has been able to maintain its position as the most iconic and trustworthy stay in the republic. With its new brand identity, the hotel has successfully attracted both business and leisure travelers, and continues to be a popular choice for those seeking a luxurious and memorable stay in Kinshasa. The hotel's commitment to exceptional service and attention to detail have made it a standout destination in the region, and guests continue to rave about their experiences at the property. Overall, the project has been a resounding success, and the hotel's new brand identity has helped to position it for continued success in the years to come.

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