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Brand Development

Brandteliers was approached by the Grayton Hotel Marketing team, in partnership with Blazon Hotels, to develop distinct brand identities for four outlets within the hotel: an Indian-themed restaurant, a breakfast and all-day dining restaurant, a pool bar, and a bar. The goal was to create branding that not only stood out in Dubai's competitive hospitality market but also reflected the boutique experience provided by the Grayton Hotel. We conducted an extensive brand strategy development process which involved thorough research, naming discovery sessions, concept exercises and messaging workshops. The outcome was a set of strategic principles that informed the direction for the brand identities and created a consistent look and feel across all outlets.

What we did

Brand Strategy / Brand Naming / Brand Identity / Restaurant Collaterals / Identity Guidelines

The project

By identifying their crucial differentiation points, we developed unique brand identities for Bukhara, CitrusO2 and G&T Bar. Bukhara was positioned as a fine-dining Indian restaurant, and we created an Indian-inspired brand identity with handcrafted symbols and typography. We created a modern and enjoyable brand identity for CitrusO2, an all-day dining restaurant with a trendy vibe. We designed a classic and elegant brand identity for G&T Bar, a sophisticated drinking spot. Our branding guidelines helped maintain consistency across various touchpoints, such as brand creation and social media.

The Results
The Grayton Hotel was launched successfully with each brand identity fully implemented. Our team worked to ensure consistent branding across all touchpoints, and we engaged with the community to generate excitement and interest surrounding the new hotel. The urban district has several popular destinations, including Bukhara, CitrusO2, and G&T Bar, which attract visitors year-round. The hotel's distinctive boutique experience owes its success to its unique brand identities and branding guidelines. Brandteliers, our branding agency, worked closely with the Grayton Hotel Marketing team and Blazon Hotels to establish these outlets as key attractions within the hotel that align with its overall vision.

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Brandteliers is a premier branding and marketing agency specialising in providing comprehensive branding services to the hospitality industry. Our team of experienced brand consultants is based in London, UK, and Dubai, UAE. We offer various branding services, including brand strategy development, brand identity, brand campaigns, hotel property deflagging, and user-friendly web design.
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Our Founder and Managing Director, James Pass, brings a wealth of experience as the former Creative Director at Landor & Fitch, the world's leading brand consultancy. With expertise spanning Dubai, UAE, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and London, UK, our agency provides comprehensive branding solutions to global hospitality businesses and regional hotel properties within the MENA Region, Europe, Asia, and worldwide. He has worked on notable hospitality projects for companies such as Jumeirah Group, Rotana Hotels, EMAAR, Hilton Hotels, and Whitbread.

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We are Brandteliers, a leading hospitality branding agency based in Dubai and London. Our goal is to support hospitality businesses through effective branding to give our clients compelling stories, strong brand identity and competitive advantage.
We specialize in providing marketing strategy solutions for the hospitality industry. Our team of skilled brand strategists and designers will work together with hospitality brands to create visually appealing designs that will help your hotels, resorts, hospitality management company and restaurants stand out and attract more customers.
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We are committed to creating unique designs that capture customers’ attention and empower your businesses. Hospitality Brand Campaigns – We develop creative comprehensive campaigns for various channels to spread awareness about your hotel or restaurant. Hotel Property Deflagging – When a property need to transition away from its current brands, we provide integrated marketing and design solutions to ensure a smooth process. User-Friendly Web Design – Our web design team creates user-friendly websites with beautiful visuals and easy-to-navigate interfaces that entice customers to book with your property. We also provide consulting services for other marketing disciplines such as PR, SEO, and Social Media.
At Brandteliers, we understand that a well-defined brand story is essential to stand out in the competitive hospitality industry. We are proud to have been part of this success story and helped Vakkaru Maldives launch their brand with distinction.
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We cater to various businesses, from independent hotel owners to established hospitality companies, holding firms, and publicly listed hotel conglomerates. By partnering with your property owner, managing director, chief marketing officer, marketing team, architect firm, and stakeholders, we function as your extended department to define your purpose within your industry.
Additionally, we work with leading restauranteurs and property owners in the development of restaurant brands and brand experiences. We have developed memorable and enduring brand identities for numerous hospitality clients and hospitality brands such as The Address Hotels, Jumeirah Group, Blazon Hotels, Vakkaru Maldives, and Resorts.

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Brandteliers is a specialized brand consultancy partnering with Hospitality, Leisure and Food & Beverage businesses. We have put destinations on the map through crafting experiential brand experiences – from insights, strategy and trends to the development of creating and delivering the brand where people want to stay.

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