Dusit D2 Kenz Hotel


Food & Beverage


Dubai – United Arab Emirates

project Type

Brand Development

Ostro is a Mediterranean restaurant, a brand of dusitD2 kenz hotel, and located in the urban suburb, of Barsha Heights. In 2016, the client got in touch with our team, looking for full support and rollout for the upcoming launch of dusitD2 hotel, along with brand development for its mid-range all-day dining restaurant. Looking for a strategic branding solution, the client was aiming to create a complete brand identity that would stand on its own as an independent brand from the parent company. Striving for organic growth and with a highly competitive Food & Beverage landscape, the key objective was to create a strong story that would connect to the heart of the consumers and leave a memorable mark of a great dining experience. From brand strategy, naming and creative expression, the client was looking for full support in creating a brand from scratch.

What we did

Brand Strategy / Tone of Voice / Brand Naming / Brand Identity / Brand Guidelines

The project

We proposed the brand story “Urban Escape”, alluding to the Mediterranean oasis within Barsha Heights. Based on the brand positioning, the Naming selection was kicked off, screening numerous options inspired by different languages and Mediterranean terms. Name concept “Ostro” was selected, which is the name of the warm southerly winds that crossover the Mediterranean Sea, taking visitors on a dining retreat away from the busy city life. The creative team developed a handcrafted brandmark, inspired by the notion of the footprint in the sand of the Mediterranean Sea, whisked away by wind and leaving a warm lasting impression. The iconic circle within the brandmark alludes to the campus leading to the Mediterranean oasis. The Look and feel system of the brand is creating a clean and uncluttered space, with a sense of discovery with light tones of touchpoints and understated application of identity.

The Results
Ostro got immediate attention from the local media, bloggers and influencer audience. With positive media attention from leading magazines, such as WhatsOn and TimeOut, Ostro has “perfectly encapsulated a Mediterranean vibe”. With a 5-star review online from regular visitors, Ostro got nominated as the best dining experience by WhatsOn awards, remaining to be one of the highly-rated dining retreats in the district and nearby areas. A strong social media presence continues to engage with the audience, ensuring a consistent footprint in the venue.

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